nginx extras

nginx-module-doh - NGINX module for serving DNS-over-HTTPS (DOH) requests

License: BSD
Vendor: GetPageSpeed LLC
Simple NGINX module for serving DNS-over-HTTPS (DOH) requests.

CAVEAT EMPTOR: This module is experimental, even though I have been using it
successfully with both Firefox and Curl, there may be undiscovered bugs.
Zone transfer is currently not officially supported.

How to Install

sudo yum -y install
sudo yum -y install nginx-module-doh


nginx-module-doh-1.26.1+0.1-3.amzn2.gps.x86_64 [14 KiB] (no changelog entry)
nginx-module-doh-1.26.0+0.1-3.amzn2.gps.x86_64 [14 KiB] (no changelog entry)
nginx-module-doh-1.26.0+0.1-1.amzn2.gps.x86_64 [14 KiB] (no changelog entry)
nginx-module-doh-1.24.0+0.1-1.amzn2.gps.x86_64 [14 KiB] (no changelog entry)
nginx-module-doh-1.22.1+0.1-1.amzn2.gps.x86_64 [14 KiB] (no changelog entry)
nginx-module-doh-1.22.0+0.1-2.amzn2.gps.x86_64 [14 KiB] (no changelog entry)
nginx-module-doh-1.22.0+0.1-1.amzn2.gps.x86_64 [14 KiB] (no changelog entry)
nginx-module-doh-1.20.2+0.1-1.amzn2.gps.x86_64 [14 KiB] (no changelog entry)