nginx extras

nginx-module-passenger - Passenger module

License: BSD
Vendor: GetPageSpeed, Inc.
Phusion Passenger™ is a web server and application server, designed
to be fast, robust and lightweight.

It takes a lot of complexity out of deploying web apps, adds powerful
enterprise grade features that  are useful in production, and makes
administration much easier and less complex.

Phusion Passenger supports Ruby, Python, Node.js and Meteor, and is
being used by high-profile companies such as Apple, Pixar, New York
Times, AirBnB, Juniper etc as well as over 650.000 websites.

How to Install

sudo yum -y install
sudo yum -y install nginx-module-passenger


nginx-module-passenger-1.20.2+6.0.12-1.amzn2.gps.x86_64 [607 KiB] (no changelog entry)