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vmod-dbrw - Database-driven rewrites for Varnish Cache

Website: http://puszcza.gnu.org.ua/software/vmod-dbrw/
License: GPLv3+
Vmod-dbrw is a Varnish Cache module implementing database-driven rewrite rules.
It is intended for use with web sites that need an exceedingly big number of
redirects and/or rewrites. Vmod-dbrw allows you to keep all rules in an SQL
database of arbitrary structure, considerably speeding up their handling.
Another advantage of this approach is that rewrite rules stored in a database
are easier to maintain.

How to Install

yum install https://extras.getpagespeed.com/release-el7-latest.rpm
yum install vmod-dbrw


vmod-dbrw- [77 KiB] Changelog by Danila Vershinin (2019-02-16):
- rebuild for 4.1.11
vmod-dbrw- [77 KiB] Changelog by Danila Vershinin (2019-01-08):
- Release for 4.1.10