nginx extras

nginx-module-rdns - NGINX HTTP rDNS module

License: BSD
Vendor: GetPageSpeed, Inc.
This module allows to make a reverse DNS (rDNS) lookup
for incoming connection and provides simple access control
of incoming hostname by allow/deny rules (similar to
HttpAccessModule allow/deny directives; regular expressions
are supported).

Module works with the DNS server defined by the standard
resolver directive. This module uses nginx core resolver
cache when resolving DNS lookup, for a maximum of 30
seconds or DNS response TTL.

How to Install

sudo dnf -y install
sudo dnf -y install nginx-module-rdns


nginx-module-rdns-1.24.0+0-1.el9.gps.x86_64 [23 KiB] (no changelog entry)
nginx-module-rdns-1.22.1+0-1.el9.gps.x86_64 [23 KiB] (no changelog entry)
nginx-module-rdns-1.22.0+0-1.el9.gps.x86_64 [23 KiB] (no changelog entry)