nginx extras

nginx-module-combined-upstreams - NGINX Combined Upstreams module

License: BSD
Vendor: GetPageSpeed, Inc.
The module introduces three directives add_upstream,
combine_server_singlets, and extend_single_peers available inside
upstream configuration blocks, and a new configuration block
upstrand for building super-layers of upstreams. Additionally,
directive dynamic_upstrand is introduced for choosing upstrands
in run-time.

How to Install

sudo yum -y install
sudo yum -y install nginx-module-combined-upstreams


nginx-module-combined-upstreams-1.20.2+2.1-1.el6.gps.x86_64 [20 KiB] (no changelog entry)
nginx-module-combined-upstreams-1.20.1+2.1-1.el6.gps.x86_64 [20 KiB] (no changelog entry)
nginx-module-combined-upstreams-1.20.0+2.1-1.el6.gps.x86_64 [20 KiB] (no changelog entry)
nginx-module-combined-upstreams- [20 KiB] (no changelog entry)
nginx-module-combined-upstreams-1.18.0+2.1-1.el6.gps.x86_64 [20 KiB] (no changelog entry)