python36-pathlib2 - Object-oriented filesystem paths

Website: https://github.com/mcmtroffaes/pathlib2/
License: MIT
The old pathlib module on bitbucket is in bugfix-only mode. The goal of
pathlib2 is to provide a backport of standard pathlib module which tracks
the standard library module, so all the newest features of the standard
pathlib can be used also on older Python versions.

Python 3 version.

How to Install

sudo yum -y install https://extras.getpagespeed.com/release-latest.rpm
sudo yum -y install python36-pathlib2


python36-pathlib2-2.3.4-1.el7.noarch [38 KiB] Changelog by Jerry James (2019-06-27):
- Update to 2.3.4 (bz 1724592)